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Armageddon Race

Event Details

Team vehicle needs to complete track length of around 350 Meters. In this event, the vehicle will be running alone in the track, not with other vehicles. The score will be given on the basis of the total time taken by the vehicle to cover the total specified length. Vehicle who will complete the length in minimum time will be declared as the winner. In this event, a single-vehicle will be doing the event after completing one vehicle the next vehicle will be allowed to perform.

In this event, the track will be a combination of the ramp, bridge, tunnel, booby traps, mud, water, rocks, sand, logs and hard jumping off the vehicle will be done. The total length of the track will be around 350 meters.

In case of engine shut down driver may ask any track volunteer to re-start the engine or driver may re-start the engine and lock the safety belt properly and run the vehicle, if the driver did not put/lock the belt properly the vehicle will be penalized as DNF.

No human effort will be provided in case the vehicle struck in the track the vehicle itself cover the total track length (i.e. no pushing by a human is allowed). In special case,

Case 1- If the vehicle struck inside two wheels and in a tilted position and two side wheels (when seen from side view) are in the air.

Case 2- If the vehicle topples and all four wheels are in the air and the vehicle is inside the track, the vehicle may be taken into the correct position by human effort. Keep in mind that anyone of four wheels of the vehicle must be inside the track. If all four wheels of the vehicle are out of the track will be termed as DNF.

Vehicles that meet permanent or temporary failures will be termed as DNF, no repairing or second chance will be given in case of repairing.

Vehicles that are awarded as DNF will be awarded zero scores for this particular event.

Fueling is not allowed during the event to any vehicle for this particular event.

A vehicle going out of the track during the running of the vehicle will be termed as DNF for this particular event. If all four wheels of the vehicle are completely out of track.