Welcome to Autosports India’s Off-Road racing track No. II, a course limited by dirt, hill area, sea and among one of the world’s largest in house off-road racing circuit. The venue is built on the plateau of a hill and has a feel of an island, the mesmerizing view of the track and its location makes it totally different and has a different aura and makes it one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, for Off- Roding and rally race.  


It is a closed-loop circuit, the track is built for a professional rally championship formats and resembles with tracks for races like Asia pacific rally championship, Indian national rally championship and world rally championship. This is different from the normal off-roading track or monster truck rally championship.


It is designed with more flat surfaces with a remarkable numbers of uphill and downhill like the dirt roads in the Swiss Alps rather than obstacles like rocks and other hurdles. It has calculated soft and smooth jumps and hard corners for drifting. This track is designed for speed rally races which can sustain speed up-to 150 KMPH.

Multi Track Model

The venue consists of three tracks.


One is the main race circuit with a total length of about 9.5 kilometres. 


One of the attractions is the Armageddon Track of a total length of around 700 meters. 


Another strip of beachfront location for drag racing, which is a part of the main track. Here 100-meter drag racing can be done, and the rest 100 meters are left for safety reasons to avoid any accidents and easy stopping of the vehicles.


Main Race Circuit 9.5 KMS 580 acres  High
Armageddon Track 0.7 KMS 12 acres High
Drag Race Track 0.1 KMS N A Low
Flat Dirt Race Track 9.5 KMS 580 ACRES Moderate