Solo Dirt Race

25 th February,2018 (13:30 Hrs.-18:00 Hrs.), Main Track, 4.5 Kms


GENERAL RULE- Team vehicle need to complete one full circle/ loop of the total track length of 4.8 KMS alone. In this race vehicle will be running alone in the track, not with other vehicles. The score will be given on the basis of total time taken by the vehicle to cover the total specified length. Vehicle who will complete the length in minimum time will be declared as winner.

TRACK DESCRIPTION- In this event the track will be the main track where night endurance will take place. The track may consists of natural soil road, humps, hills, rocks water etc.

DNF (Did not finish) – Teams/vehicles who will not complete the total length will be declared as DNF and zero score will be awarded to the team for this particular event.Only one chance will be given to each team no repeat or second/ third chance will be given in any manner under any circumstances in this particular event.

ENGINE SHUT DOWN DURING THE EVENT- In case of engine shut down driver may ask any track volunteer to re-start the engine. In case no volunteer or persons are available nearby, driver may start the engine and lock the safety belt properly and run the vehicle, if the driver did not put/lock the belt properly the vehicle will be penalized as DNF.

REPAIRING- In case of any temporary failure during the event teams may take their vehicle out of the track and sort out the problem and again take the vehicle into the race track, teams need to continue the race from the same place where engine was shut down/brake down occur, any shortcut or passing the tracks out of specified path will be penalized as DNF and zero score will be awarded to the team. Vehicles taking time more than ½ hours to repair in case of brake down in this particular event shall not be allowed to continue the race again and will be declared as DNF.

PENALTY- Vehicles need to run in the specified path only any trespasses or short-cut taken will be penalized as DNF or may be banned for the next event ONE EVENT in case of serious safety rule violation.

FUELING- Teams need to fuel the vehicle before the event starts no re-fuelling is allowed during this particular event.