The Mega Off-Road Championship 2022 is an event organized by Mechies Autosports India Pvt. Ltd. This event is particularly providing a platform to the racing enthusiast all over the country. Event is comprising one of the most important type of racing which is Off-Road racing in which racers can participate with normally modified car having 4×4 SUV’s having engine capacity maximum up to 2500 cc. (eg. Mahindra Thar, Bolero, Tata Safari, Isuzu v-cross, and many more). This year the theme for Mega Off-Road Championship 2022 Season 1 is “The Mountain Adventure” which is going to be adventures event with hilly track made for adventures only. The theme would be to test the performance, maneuverability skills of racer and endurance of the vehicle.


Date:      12th May to 14th May , 2022

Venue :  Goa

Who Can Participate?

Requirement for Driver:

Any racing enthusiast can participate in this challenging and trilling event above 18 years of age carrying:

  1. Valid driving licence issued by state
  2. Valid life insurance at the time of event

Requirement for Car:
Any company make vehicle is allowed to participate in the event satisfying the criteria given below:

  1. Engine capacity- below 2500cc
  2. Registration certificate issued by government of India

Valid insurance of vehicle at the time of event

  1. Valid PUC certificate
  2. Participation Fees: 25,000+GST INR payable by RTGS, NEFT, UPI details provided by the organizers.

Registration Guidelines

In India particularly the off-road enthusiasts don’t have any concrete platform to showcase and test their skills in mountainous tracks. So Autosports India has develop the track of  and scheduled the event for these people to feel the trilling and adventurous off-road racing.

Registration guidelines:

  1. Participants can register by going through the official website of
    “Autosports India” – https://autosportsindia.com or  “Mega Off-Road Championship” – https://atvchampionship.com
  2. First, the team name, captain’s information are required for the team registration.
  3. After confirming your registration on the portal, a confirmation email from the Mega- Off-Road Championship will be sent to the registered email address of your choice, which contains your team’s login credentials.
  4. These credentials are very important and not to share with anyone. It is the team’s responsibility to keep these data confidential. Autosports India or Mega Off-Road Championship is not responsible for any type of compromise or alterations in the team member’s details happened at any time.
  5. By using your credentials, you can log in to your personal dashboard, where you will find more information, guidelines, and a payment process. The details given in the team account is editable until the dashboard is locked by us. Prior information to the teams will be given before locking the dashboard/user account of the teams.


Mega Off-Road Championship will be conducted on a closed-loop racing circuit specially developed for national level rally championship.  The hurdles in the track includes up and downhill, sharp and smooth corners for drifting, flat bed for speeding, specially designed humps. This speciality of the track makes it one of the difficult and thrilling off-road track in the world.

The location of the track itself gives the track a special aura as it is built on the mountainous plateau of a north Goa, surrounded by the beautiful and mesmerising beaches like Keri beach, Kalcha beach, Arambol beach on south and Tiracol river on north-west.

  1. Track length:                    9.50 kms
  2. Track width:                     6-18 mts
  3. No. of turns:                     22 nos.
  4. Vehicle capacity:             200 nos.
  5. Lap timing:                       8 min 25 sec.
  6. Speed sustainability:      150 kmpl
  7. Total area:                         955 acres
  8. Maximum grade:              48 deg.

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Coming Soon…

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