The Events and Event Schedule for Mega ATV Championship Season V, GOA  will be released 90 prior to the event. 


Armageddon Race

The path of the track contains tilt, sharp turns, up and downs along with, filled with mud, small pieces of rocks, log of trees, big rocks, Tyre, filled with water at some level. The track will also contain some booby traps.There will be some jumping tracks where vehicle may take jumps from 4 feet heights, which can topple the vehicle.The track will fill with obstacle with make this event interesting as well as dangerous. The challenge is to complete the track in minimum time.

Drag Race

Two cars have to accelerate simultaneously over a specified distance on a specially made patch with other teams. The Acceleration Event is designed to measure each vehicle’s ability to come up to speed quickly from a standing start. Acceleration is measured as the time to complete flat, nearly straight course from a standing start. The course surface may vary from pavement to lose dirt. The choice of course length is at the organizer’s discretion. The challenge is to complete the track in minimum time.

Solo Dirt Race

The vehicles are to be driven over dirt track on the ground. The course consist of a variety of challenges, possibly including tight turns, pylon maneuver’s and booby traps, but most of the track is flat. The challenge is to complete the track in minimum time.

Night Race (Blackout Race)

Racing at night is nothing new in the likes of endurance racing, but it has now been introduced in a whole host of motorsport series, even ones without headlights. Night racing allows events to be run in cooler temperatures, it provides a new challenge for the competitors and, maybe most importantly, they just look really, really freaking cool! AutoSports India bring this challenge to the participants of MEGA ATV CHAMPIONSHIP. The night race (Blackout Race). NIGHT RACE is an endurance race and tracks will be normal off road track but only exception is it happens in night with lights that are attached on vehicle alone. Number of laps completed the tracks will be counted.The challenge is to complete maximum number of laps in the specifiedtime.