Drag Race

19th March 2019, (9:00 Hrs.-12:30 Hrs.), Patch no.-3, 60 Mts.


GENERAL RULE- In this race, two vehicles will be running simultaneously for a length of around 60 meters. Drivers need to accelerate their vehicle as much as possible to get the best result. Here acceleration of the vehicle will be recorded and vehicle ranking on the basis of the fastest vehicle will be done, which will be used during the lineup of the next consecutive events. The score will be awarded on the basis of time taken to complete the distance by each vehicle. A vehicle which completes the track in minimum time will be declared as the winner among all the vehicles. Only one chance for each vehicle will be given in this particular event no second chance or repeat chance will be given to any vehicle. After crossing the finish line vehicle needs to decelerate and stop the vehicle only in the specified region.  

TRACK DESCRIPTION- In this event almost flat and nearly straight path of soil around 60 Meters will be there. No obstacles like humps, rocks, tyre, and logs will be there.

ENGINE SHUT DOWN DURING THE EVENT- In this event if engine shut down takes place, case-1, within 15 meters from the starting line, vehicle will be allowed to take second chance and will be called back to the starting line and start the race with other vehicle in next slot without imposing any penalty, if again engine shuts down one member of the team may come and re-start the engine, and continue the race no third chance will be given.

 Case -2, if the engine shut down after 15 meters of the starting line one team member of the same vehicle may come and start the engine and continue the race, without any penalty, no second chance will be given in this case.

REPAIRING- Vehicles meets permanent or temporary failures will be termed as DNF, no repairing or second chance will be given in case of repairing.

DNF (DID NOT FINISH) – Vehicles which are awarded as DNF will be awarded zero scores for this particular event.

FUELING – Fueling is not allowed during the event to any vehicle for this particular event. PENALTY – vehicle going out of the track during the running of the vehicle will be termed as DNF for this particular event. The vehicle does not stop in the specified region after completing the race will be awarded one rank penalty.