Day Night Black Out Endurance Race

26 th February,2018 (18:00 Hrs.-22:00 Hrs.), Main Track, 4.8 Kms.



GENERAL RULE- This is the endurance racing of the vehicles participating in the event. All vehicles who have passed technical inspection and their lights are working properly. In this event vehicles will be running at a time for four hours non-stop, where durability of the vehicle and the capability of the drivers will be tested. This event will occur in the main track of the event which is a 4.8 Kms, long closed loop. The vehicles will be moving in the closed loop and score will be given on the basis of maximum no of laps covered by each vehicle in the specified time i.e. maximum distance travelled by a vehicle in the specified given time. Vehicle who will cover maximum distance in the given time will be declared as winner.

TRACK DESCRIPTION- In this event the track will be the main track where night endurance will take place. The track may consists of natural soil road, humps, hills, rocks water etc. of total length 4.8 KMS.

DNF (Did not finish) – Teams/vehicles who will not complete at least one full lap of the total track length will be declared as DNF and zero score will be awarded to the team for this particular event.

ENGINE SHUT DOWN DURING THE EVENT- In case of engine shut down driver may ask any track volunteer to re-start the engine. In case no volunteer or persons are available nearby, driver may start the engine and lock the safety belt properly and run the vehicle, if the driver did not put/lock the belt properly the vehicle will be penalized as DNF.

LIGHT FAILURE-As per rule book four lights are mandatory to install in the vehicle. At the starting line-up before the race starts all four lights will be checked/inspected of each vehicle whether they are working or not. But during the running of the vehicle in the race at least any two lights in horizontal directions (Either head lamps or Fog lamps must work).  In case of light failure/not working all four lights at a time, driver should stop the vehicle immediately and take the vehicle out of track and repair it and then continue the race or (Driver can continue race with Backup/emergency lights). In case lights are not working and vehicles are continuously running we will stop the transponder reading /receiver at that moment and no further counting will start until the lights starts working. It is very clear instruction from the event organizer that we will not give any type of warning to any vehicle if the lights are not working and vehicle is still moving it is the prime duty of the driver to stop and repair.

REPAIRING- In case of any temporary failure during the event teams may take their vehicle out of the track and sort out the problem and again take the vehicle into the race track, teams need to continue the race from the same place where engine was shut down/brake down occur, any shortcut or passing the tracks out of specified path will be penalized and the LAP will not counted for the particular lap.

TEAM MEMBERS- Only five members from each team will be allowed to enter the track during this event wearing orange color safety jackets only.

MAINTANANCE BAY- Driver’s who needs any type of interaction/discussion with their team member or things like running inspection of vehicle/changing of driver/drinking water/soft drinks/refreshments/checking of fuel level/inspection of fasteners to be done at maintenance bay only.

PENALTY- Vehicles need to run in the specified path only any trespasses or short-cut taken, LAP will not counted for that particular lap. Vehicles may be imposed penalty of demotion of one Rank, or may lead to disqualification in case of serious safety rule violation.

FUELING- There will be two fueling bay for re-fueling of the vehicles in the race track. Teams need to re-fuel their vehicles when needed during the race. As this is the most precious and dangerous place so the violation of any safety rules in the fuel area may lead to disqualification of the team. Some of the rules are:-

  1. The vehicle should come for re-fueling at a speed less than 20 Kmph. Any rash driving near the fuel area will be counted as violation of safety rules.
  2. Re-fueling of the vehicles will be done by the event organizers crew members only. No team members are allowed in the fuel area.
  3. Teams cannot do any type of interaction/discussion with the driver at the fueling area. Things like running inspection of vehicle/changing of driver/drinking water/taking eatables are strictly prohibited in the fuel area. Doing these act at the fueling area will be counted as serious safety violation.
  4. Drivers are instructed to keep their vehicle slow as much as possible while entering into fuel area and during exit from the pit area. Drivers need to kill the engine at the fuel area and re-fuel the vehicle. Fuel will not be given if the engine is in start position/running.
  5. During the exit of the vehicle after re-fueling and entering into track will be escorted by volunteer/Crew member present over there. Driver need to follow the instruction of the crew while entering into track and maintain marching speed or speed less than 20Kmph.

If any vehicle meet out of fuel anywhere in the track need to come back to fuel area by marching or with the help of towing vehicle (if available) however priority for towing will be given to vehicle which met accident or severe brake down. No fuel will be given in bottles/containers/jars.